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Signature Jumbo Wings 1lb


Served with one ranch or blue cheese. Carrot and celery sticks. All extras .99

Ranch Blue Cheese no veggies Extra Ranch +$0.99Extra Blue Cheese +$0.99Extra Veggies +$0.99
Choice of Sauce:Mild Medium Hot XHot XXHot BBQ Honey Mustard Sweet & Tangy Teriyaki Sriracha Jerk Mango Habanero Go-Chu-Jang Garlic Parmesan Sweet Red Chili Lenny's Slow Burning Sauce Old Bay Garlic Cajun Carribean Lemon Pepper Salt & Pepper Jo Spice Jo Garlic Spice Salt and Vinegar Franks Red Hot Naked
Extra Wing Sauce on Side:Mild +$0.99Medium +$0.99Hot +$0.99XHot +$0.99BBQ +$0.99Honey Mustard +$0.99Sweet & Tangy +$0.99Teriyaki +$0.99Sriracha +$0.99Jerk +$0.99Mango Habanero +$0.99Go-Chu-Jang +$0.99Garlic Parmesan +$0.99Sweet Red Chili +$0.99Old Bay Hot Sauce +$0.99Lenny's Slow Burning Sauce +$0.99Old Bay +$0.99Lemon Pepper +$0.99Garlic +$0.99Cajun +$0.99Salt N Vinegar +$0.99Caribbean +$0.99
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